About TUGA

I've had a passion for astronomy since I can remember... Life put Brazil on my life path, I immediately fell in love with the incredible sky of the Southern Hemisphere. After a few years of weekend astronomy classes in Lisbon and São Paulo, plus my education as a Telecommunications Engineer... I decided to buy my first GoTo scope (C8 on a CG5-GT), attached a Canon EOS 50d to it and pointed at the Moon... Mesmerized with the result, I was hooked, capturing the light from the heavens is now my dearest hobby. The goal of TUGA (Telescopic Unfinished General Astronomy) Observatory is to be a place where I can learn about astronomy, instrumentation, astrophotography and ultimately, about data collection for scientific contributions. Today, amateur astronomers contribute with the scientific community in multiple ways and trough multiple organizations. If you or your group have a project that TUGA can help with, do contact me. Time and Brazilian weather permitting, we could team up!

"Finding truth is difficult and the road to it is rough. As seekers of the truth, you would be wise to withhold judgment and not simply put your trust in the writings of the ancients. You must question and critically examine those writings from every side. You must submit only to argument and experiment and not to the sayings of any person. For every human being is vulnerable to all kinds of imperfections. As seekers of the truth, we must also suspect and question our own ideas as we perform our investigations, to avoid falling into credulous or careless thinking. Take this course and truth will be revealed to you." - Ibn Alhazen, 965 - 1040 AD


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